Peter Skidd delivering steel.

Early Christmas Present

Peter has been wanting a real fork lift for a while now.

What tools does a Metal Artist need?   Real metal art is hard labor and dirty work.  Large-scale metal sculpture requires big equipment and lots of muscle to maneuver the steel supplies and the sculpture in progress.

Peter doesn’t have a real live shop assistant so he got himself a big forklift to help out.

He’s been making do with a pallet jack he bought off Craigslist but continually runs into problems when the steel gets delivered.  The pallet jack can’t be raised high enough to unload the pallets of steel from the delivery truck.

Peter Skidd unloading steel

Peter and the unfortunate delivery driver have to do a lot of heavy lifting and dangerous fussing with the 10 foot sheets of steel to get it all unloaded.  The new fork lift will make life a little easier and ensure stress-free metal deliveries.

He’s also been using the old pallet jack in his metal shop to help him move around and lift his huge steel sculptures.  He might keep the little guy for that purpose or modify the big one to suit.

We won’t talk about how, after only 2 minutes of ownership, Peter took his new toy joyriding around the property and got it stuck in the dirt.  Really stuck.  Then it rained.  Of all the days it has to rain in Arizona…  We won’t mention that it took about 3 days of hard labor, chains, incremental maneuvering (and digging up half the yard & puncturing the tire on his truck) to get the forklift free and available for work.

No big thing.  It’s up and running now and it’s a great shop assistant.  It moved a 3,000 lb delivery of ten foot sheets of steel without a hiccup.  Check out the turning radius on this thing!