How to Hang Heavy Art in Drywall

Red indoor/outdoor metal wall art

Easy Art Installation

Our art is big and it’s heavy – but it’s not hard to install.

We’ve installed huge canvas and incredibly heavy metal art into brick, stacked stone, concrete, stucco and we certainly know how to hang heavy art in drywall.

Drywall installation is the most common and the easiest.

No Stud?  No Problem.

A common concern when hanging heavy art into drywall is that the wall stud isn’t where the art should be installed.

It doesn’t really matter because studs aren’t actually necessary for installing heavy art – you just have to be sure to use the correct hardware.

Go Overboard on Weight Allowances

We like to use 75lb test drywall anchors for anything we install that weighs under 25 pounds.  Yes, it’s overkill, but we like to first triple the weight of the art and then match that tripled weight to the anchor weight allowance.

3 Supplies

  1. Stud Finder.  If you found a stud – great!  If not, read on.
  2. Drywall Anchors & Screws – this package includes both the anchor and the screw.  This hardware comes in various test weights.  We choose an anchor weight that is three-times the weight of the item we’re hanging.
  3. Power drill or just a phillips head screwdriver

Supplies to hang heavy art

3 Steps

  1. Determine where you want the art on the wall.  Mark the wall with pencil.
  2. Drill the white plastic anchor into the drywall (no pre-drilling required) followed by the screw.
  3. Pop the art on the screw.
  4. Seriously, that’s it.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating how we safely hang heavy art in drywall when the wall stud isn’t positioned in the spot where we want to hang our art:

Too Busy?  Hire it Done

If you’re still not comfortable installing the art or if you’re just too busy, find a company dedicated to installing art.  Just google “art installation services manhattan” (or whatever city you are in).

When you purchase our art, local (Phoenix, AZ area) installation is included.  If we’re shipping our art to you, let us know what kind of wall you have and we’ll include the right hardware.

Where to Hang the Art on Your Wall

How to hang art – as in where the art should go on your wall…how high above the couch sort of thing…we’re working on that post.

In the meantime, Emily Henderson has some helpful commentary.

Find Our Art

Want a piece of art like the one in the video?  Find our art online, at our studio, at a trade show, or at one of our partner galleries.  Each Skidd Studio piece is an original.  We work with both metal and canvas and we’re custom art specialists (your dimensions, your colors etc).