rustic garden sculpture

Rustic Garden Sculpture

Peter goes through thousands of pounds of steel each year to build his sculpture.  As he slices the steel with his plasma cutter and chop saw, huge amounts of scrap metal fall to the floor.

What to do with all the metal scraps?

When the extras would get to a point where the piles were invading his working space, he used to bring a truckload of steel scrap to a metal recycler for a little cash.

scrap metal pile for art

That was then, this is now.

Welcome to Peter’s newest line of wild & crazy rusted garden sculpture!

Outdoor art by Scottsdale Artist

Peter loves working on these guys!  He’s giddy about the freedom that comes with building his wild sculptures – digging in the scrap bin for the perfect piece, welding another piece on, then another, getting a new idea and starting another piece – not being able to pull himself away from building.

skidd welding rustic sculpture

Each piece is an unplanned design – the final product is just a little peek into to Peter’s crazy, genius mind.

Expediting the Rust Process

If left to the elements, the raw, untreated steel he uses in all his sculpture will eventually acquire the rust finish.  He must use a special coating on his traditional line of sculpture to ensure it doesn’t rust at all.

So with his new rustic sculpture project, he had to flip his mind and figure out how to take a fresh steel sculpture like this and force it to rust quickly.

peter's rustic sculpture before rust treatment

He experimented with different treatments to expedite the rust process and found a system that rusts the steel almost instantly.  A little of this, a little of that, add some water and there you have the gorgeous patina.

Skidd rusting steel for outdoor art

His rustic sculptures have no final protective coating so will continue to age gracefully.

rusted steel tabletop sculpture

Rustic Sculpture for the Home

We’ve found that we love Peter’s new rustic collection placed in our home as tabletop, mantle – even kitchen counter accessories.  Once you place one of these guys, you realize how bland life used to be!  

styling kitchen with art

Granted, in our child-friendly home, anything of value/danger needs to be displayed out of reach of a toddler who’s mind is just as active as his father’s.  Ours is atop a tall cabinet and works really well with more traditional art (Peter did that charcoal during art school – love it!)

rustic sculpture in traditional setting

Where can I get one of these beauties?

We’ve partnered with Pearson and Company on Main Street in Scottsdale’s Gallery District to include Peter’s rustic garden sculpture in this amazing showroom of indoor & outdoor potted plantscapes.

Garden Art Scottsdale

Pearson and Company is a little hidden spot nestled among blocks of Scottsdale art galleries.  You enter the shop through a garden space filled with unique pots, plants, and one-of-a-kind items carefully sourced for your indoor or outdoor plantscape.

Sculpture for Gardens

They carry those unique, hard to find indoor potted plants and plant vessels that luxury shelter magazines use to style all those rooms we drool over.

Luxury interior plants

You can also just contact us and we’ll get you what you need.  No matter where you make your purchase, if you’re local, Peter can come install your new sculpture into the landscape so things are nice and sturdy.  Prices vary according to size and range from $50 to $500.