Before and After

When Peter’s client moved into their beautiful Arizona home, they commissioned Peter help make their house a home.  Peter warmed their room up with a bold, brightly colored triptych of 36″ steel sculptures.  It makes such a difference!

Peter met with the homeowners to discuss their ideas and then came back with a really quick sketch.  Even such a simple sketch can really help ensure the art is the right size for the space.

Peter is also working on a super-customized series of sculptures for their lonely dining room.  (Love those chairs – and the saguaro outside!)

The client had an idea and Peter was able to make the idea a reality.  Peter measured out the space, discussed what they envisioned and made sure everyone was on the same page by sketching out two options – the only difference is that one is installed with space in between the sculptures.  The sculpture will be curved rectangular art spaced with steel framed mirrors.  Totally custom.

After building the sculptures and frames for the mirrors, Peter dropped by the house to show the homeowner the progress and discuss color for their custom art.  I’ll post an installation photo when Peter finishes building and painting the sculptures.

custom art for the dining room in progress