Desert Shadows


With frame: 50″ high x 62″ wide x 2″ deep


One of the best things about living in Arizona is gazing at the bursting sunsets emblazoned over a horizon of mountains trickled with native trees.  The colors and contrast seem too spectacular to be real.

Peter captured this desert horizon image one night on his way through north Scottsdale to a nude model session hosted by the local art league.  It was held in a tiny room with a large group of artists attending.  Having brought a large canvas, it was difficult to position his easel to capture the right angle and lighting.  He didn’t like the pose, but nonetheless, he stayed and painted the model, just like he did while earning his Masters in figurative art many years back.  After the session ended and upon his return home, he tried to work through the limitations but ultimately eclipsed the woman with the desert scene he saw earlier and which he still is so impassioned about.

  • original art
  • acrylic on canvas
  • handmade steel frame
  • available today from Peter Skidd


Acrylic on high quality canvas with custom built steel frame.


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