Two-piece huge dimensional steel sculpture

A New Design in Steel

Can you see him back there?  That’s Peter holding Dip, his newest design in steel wall sculpture.

Dip – A New Design

Rich, deep curves, graceful form and crisp, thick edges make this two-piece artwork a total knockout.  We love the size and versatility of this piece.  Peter designed Dip to be hung horizontally,  vertically or stacked in a vertical line – basically he left it open to interpretation when he welded the steel frame.

Peter Skidd metal art scottsdale arizona dip

Freedom to Design

Having the freedom to design new sculptures is one of the big reasons Peter loves being a self-employed artist.  Peter is an out-of-the-box thinker seeing the world in 3-D.  Visualizing new, amazing forms and painting them in an incredibly captivating way comes naturally.

Shipping Huge Art

Peter designed this massive sculpture to fit into itself, reducing its footprint and allowing for easier shipping.  Occasionally, Peter will package the smaller art himself but we generally use a local small business to crate and ship the sculpture.  Since shipping gets pricey for the larger, heavier sculptures,  Peter is sometimes able to reduce shipping costs early on in the design process.

Az Metal Art Skidd Dip

Dip is photographed here in its initial stage of production.  Peter now has to meticulously grind down the rough, welded edges and start painting.  Find the finished Dip at Renee Taylor Gallery in Sedona.

Custom Orders

When you need custom art, contact Peter and tell him your ideas.  The majority of his work is custom  so he’s gotten really good at designing and painting the perfect piece.

Dip: each piece measures 38″x43″x6.5″, $10,000.