Outdoor Friendly Art

All of Peter’s metal sculpture is outdoor friendly.

We’ve placed his metal art in exterior entryways and used his sculpture to enhance porches and gardens – it’s also an amazing poolside art feature.

UV Protective Coating

If Peter knows a particular piece is for outdoor use, he’ll give it a double layer of his UV stabilized clear coat.  The clear coating that gives his work its signature shine is actually the same product used to protect and give shine to the outer layer of cars and airplanes.

Installing Outdoor Art

Peter installs his work into brick, stucco, and stacked stacked stone walls.  He’s kind of a nerd about the proper tools and hardware for these more difficult installations.

Bolting Sculpture into Concrete

For his free-standing metal sculptures, Peter welds on a hefty base, and if needed, can bolt the sculpture right into the concrete.  The red wavy sculpture below is actually bolted into a dedicated concrete slab hidden within the planter.

Custom Outdoor Sculpture

Peter specializes in custom art so if we don’t have the size or color you need just contact us to discuss and get a quick quote.


Sedona Gallery

Renee Taylor Gallery

Peter partners with Renee Taylor Gallery located in Sedona’s premier old-world style shopping complex, Tlaquepaque.

We made a trip to Sedona to breathe in Fall and see how Tlaquepaque’s fountains were decorated this year.  They are gorgeous, lush and worth the trip!

Skidd Steel at Renee Taylor

Renee Taylor Gallery hosts amazing artists and jewelers and the work moves quickly so there is always something fresh from the artists’ studios.

We just brought up these three, 21″ bowls this week:

If you’re lucky enough to vacation in Sedona, make sure to include Renee Taylor in your agenda.  Also, don’t miss West Fork Trail –  it was beautiful this week.  It’s newly reopened after the wildfires and it’s a great family hike in Sedona!



A New Design in Steel

Can you see him back there?  That’s Peter holding Dip, his newest design in steel wall sculpture.

Dip – A New Design

Rich, deep curves, graceful form and crisp, thick edges make this two-piece artwork a total knockout.  We love the size and versatility of this piece.  Peter designed Dip to be hung horizontally,  vertically or stacked in a vertical line – basically he left it open to interpretation when he welded the steel frame.

Peter Skidd metal art scottsdale arizona dip

Freedom to Design

Having the freedom to design new sculptures is one of the big reasons Peter loves being a self-employed artist.  Peter is an out-of-the-box thinker seeing the world in 3-D.  Visualizing new, amazing forms and painting them in an incredibly captivating way comes naturally.

Shipping Huge Art

Peter designed this massive sculpture to fit into itself, reducing its footprint and allowing for easier shipping.  Occasionally, Peter will package the smaller art himself but we generally use a local small business to crate and ship the sculpture.  Since shipping gets pricey for the larger, heavier sculptures,  Peter is sometimes able to reduce shipping costs early on in the design process.

Az Metal Art Skidd Dip

Dip is photographed here in its initial stage of production.  Peter now has to meticulously grind down the rough, welded edges and start painting.  Find the finished Dip at Renee Taylor Gallery in Sedona.

Custom Orders

When you need custom art, contact Peter and tell him your ideas.  The majority of his work is custom  so he’s gotten really good at designing and painting the perfect piece.

Dip: each piece measures 38″x43″x6.5″, $10,000.

Luxurious Red

Peter just packed his vehicle with a new, huge steel sculpture and took a trip to his Sedona gallery.

Making Waves

Lux was nearly impossible for Peter to build by himself.  It’s back-breaking work building steel sculpture and this one is extra massive and heavy.

Building the Framework

Peter undertakes an intense process each time he builds his steel sculpture.  Building the “steel canvas” includes first designing and welding the underlying steel framework to keep the wave stable.  The rear framework is designed so that the art can be hung horizontally or vertically.

Rolling the Steel

Rolling is the next major step.  Peter repeatedly  heaves the 100 pound steel sheet onto his shoulders and into the manual roller.  He then cranks the roller back and forth to achieve one dip in the steel.  The wave then gets pulled out of the roller and again he gets under the steel to feed the 10 foot sheet of steel into the roller.  He repeats this process for each undulation of the steel wave.

Making Steel Holographic

Grinding the steel comes next.  Peter has his own technique and it’s part of what makes his steel sculpture unique.  Grinding gives steel that the amazing holographic effect that makes the art dance with light.  Peter spends hours grinding the entire sculpture three separate times to give the steel that amazing depth.  This is what the grinding is like:


Applying color to a massive sculpture is an aerobic activity.  Peter applies countless layers of color in shimmering combinations.

Clear Coating

After painting, the sculpture needs a special clear coat applied to prevent fading or rusting.  After the spray was dry on Lux, Peter packed it up and with the help of the gallery owner, delivered his newest piece to Renee Taylor Gallery in Sedona.

Red art by Peter Skidd

Find Lux at Renee Taylor Gallery in Sedona’s Tlaquapaque.  Lux: 108″x48″x4.5″, $13,000.

Arizona metal artist build huge red art