Ten Years and Counting

The Work (and Clients) Have Been Good to Us

We are so happy with how the sculpture looks.  It is really wonderful and surpasses all we had hoped.  We also love being able to turn it as the colors and design change depending on the angle of the sun, etc.  Thank you so much–it will be something special for our family for a very long time.

Custom Art Client

You know we own a lot of very nice artwork, some of which from masters like Chagall, Botero and others.

Well, tell Peter that his piece eclipses everything else in the apartment.

The composition, the colors, the technique used, all combine into a truly beautiful and unique piece of art.

We have applied quite some lighting, and when it is on, the work turns into a king of a hologram – giving you the incredible impression of depth to the point where you are tempted to actually dip your hand in the water…this is first class work.

Rene & ElizabethArt Collectors

Every hour of the day it has a different shimmer.

As the sun moves south, we get very different light in the room and the work is absolutely amazing.

Deb & StuArt Collector

Peter installed our wall piece yesterday.

The light show began!!

It takes on a life of it’s own.

My husband and I were entranced by the variety of colors created.

Next year – a new piece!!

Edith G.Art Collector

You guys have really become one of our “go to” artists, and we appreciate how easy you make it to work with you.

I look forward to more projects together!

S.G.Project Manager/Art Consultant

Thanks again for your extreme professionalism and attention to detail, you made me look really good to my client!

JohnThe Art Department