Scottsdale Art Show

Things to do in Scottsdale 2015

January through March are wild months in Scottsdale.  Anyone who’s anyone is visiting Scottsdale and basking in her glorious winter wonderland of 80 degree weather, green grass, blooming plants, bustling energy, and entertainment opportunities galore.

Scottsdale ensures her visitors make the most of their Scottsdale vacation.  When the convention spaces fill up, premier events move to any bit of available open land.

It seems like any dirt lot in Scottsdale is transformed almost overnight to become a spectacular event (or a parking lot for a spectacular event).

Peter’s Scottsdale art show is one such pop-up venue attracting thousands of visitors each year.

What starts as a dirt lot right off the main highway in north Scottsdale becomes a premier, high-end art gallery for 10 weeks.  Even cooler than a gallery actually – the Celebration of Fine Art juries in only the top 100 professional artists across the country.

Artists must commit to working in their show spaces each day, 8 hours a day, for duration of the 10 week show.  Visitors love to chat with the artists and watch them work.

The Celebration artists are not the artists for whom art is a hobby.  These are those lucky artists who have built careers from their artistic passion.  Art is what these artists do – Art is all they do.  And it shows.

Peter is often asked what his day job is.  (Inevitably, the next question is, “well then, what does your wife do?”)  We are always amused by the shock and awe that comes with the realization that an artist can make it as an artist.

Stop by and see Peter painting away on his newest steel sculpture.  The Scottsdale, Arizona art show runs from January 17th – March 29th, is located right off the 101 & Hayden and one admission gets you in all season.

Meet local Arizona Artists

While you’re in the area, check out a few more of Scottsdale’s best and brightest events.

Within walking distance of the Celebration of Fine Art is the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  A couple miles away is the Barrett Jackson and the Russo and Steele car auctions.  In February, Scottsdale hosts the Arabian Horse Show, and the Super Bowl.  March brings us Spring Training.  Discover all the signature Scottsdale events here.