Home Art Show 2014: Wrap-Up

Hidden in the Hills Home Art Show 2014 was a wild success and tons of fun!!  We welcomed just under 800 guests to our home art show over the past two weekends.

We got to know so many art collectors and holiday shoppers.  What a joyful experience right before Thanksgiving and Christmas!

After 6 days of opening our home to guests, it was time to close up and take down our guest artists’ displays.

Take down day is usually tough.  The Artists are tired from a big show but have to push through and quickly dismantle the show and pack it into their vehicles.

We are all good friends and our guest Artist, Sandi Ciaramitaro showed up for a day of work with a 10 pound standing rib roast.  She brought all the supplies and the know-how to help us make the best meal ever!  What a treat!

While the meat roasted, Peter helped Master Goldsmith, Paul Farmer take down his jewelry display.

Paul Farmer and Peter Skidd, Scottsdale master artists

And moved out some show supplies for our painter, bronze sculptor (and master chef), Sandi Ciaramitaro.

Peter Skidd and Sandi C Arizona artists

We had the photographer come to shoot some of Peter’s sculpture.

Scottsdale artist Peter Skidd with Randall Bohl

And the crater come to ship some art purchases.

Peter Skidd ships steel sculpture

There’s no rest for the Artists!  Peter’s next art show is also in Scottsdale at the Celebration of Fine Art.  From January 17 through March 29, Peter will be painting away in his pop-up studio right off Hayden & the 101 under the big white tents.  Join Peter and 99 other exceptional artists as they work away each day for 10 weeks.