Lotus Flowers

Our Lotus Collection takes botanical art to the next level.  These florals are stunningly colorful and painstakingly-handcrafted bouquets of awesomeness.

Gorgeous Wayfinding

We’ve created quite a collection of custom Lotus flowers for healthcare facilities.  Our steel florals offer fabulous wayfinding for  hospitals!

Beautiful for Retail and Residential

Renee Taylor Gallery and Renee Taylor Jewelry in Sedona both represent the collection.

Killer to Create

Peter hand draws each layer out on the steel and takes a plasma cutter to his outline.  He pounds each layer into shape and imbues depth with a grinder.  Each flower has multiple layers and every petal is individually cut, worked and painted.  He paints and clear coats both sides of each layer – a long process!  To increase efficiency on this step, he designed a rotisserie type contraption.  He bolts each steel petal to the rotisserie, paints one side, turns the rotisserie and paints the other side.  Same process for spraying the protective clear coat.  When everything is dry, the layers are screwed together to form a lush flower with a custom-designed hanging system in the back.


It’s hard to let these beauties go!

Floral steel sculpture by Peter Skidd

Our biggest Lotus yet

This is the 3.5 foot Lotus hanging in Renee Taylor Jewelry in Sedona – it became the blue/purple one on the wall there.

Get One

We have more info online and you can find a fresh bouquet from our Lotus Collection at our November 2016 open house event in Scottsdale, Arizona.  You can also check them out in Sedona or just contact us to order if your not in the area.

Outdoor Friendly Art

All of Peter’s metal sculpture is outdoor friendly.

We’ve placed his metal art in exterior entryways and used his sculpture to enhance porches and gardens – it’s also an amazing poolside art feature.

UV Protective Coating

If Peter knows a particular piece is for outdoor use, he’ll give it a double layer of his UV stabilized clear coat.  The clear coating that gives his work its signature shine is actually the same product used to protect and give shine to the outer layer of cars and airplanes.

Installing Outdoor Art

Peter installs his work into brick, stucco, and stacked stacked stone walls.  He’s kind of a nerd about the proper tools and hardware for these more difficult installations.

Bolting Sculpture into Concrete

For his free-standing metal sculptures, Peter welds on a hefty base, and if needed, can bolt the sculpture right into the concrete.  The red wavy sculpture below is actually bolted into a dedicated concrete slab hidden within the planter.

Custom Outdoor Sculpture

Peter specializes in custom art so if we don’t have the size or color you need just contact us to discuss and get a quick quote.


Local Art for Restaurants

The owners of Carvalho’s Brazilian Kitchen in north Scottsdale asked Peter to design a whole slew of steel wall sculptures and large-scale canvas paintings to jazz up the walls of their new, upscale restaurant.

Scottsdale Ethnic Restaurant Art

By choosing a local Arizona Artist for the project, the super-busy restaurant owners didn’t have to worry about a thing.  Peter was able to visit the construction site, sketch up some ideas, install the art, and change out the lighting.

Carvalhos Brazilian Kitchen Restaurant Art

Peter began by installing four 44″ steel wall sculptures in the main dining area.  He equipped the lighting fixtures with his favorite LED light bulbs to make sure the art was properly lit.  His art really loves great lighting – the colors radiate and the steel shimmers.

The space was totally renovated from a traditional Chinese restaurant to an upscale, contemporary Brazilian spot.

Here’s how Peter installs the bowls – it’s very easy.  Peter includes his custom wall brackets with all of his pieces so you just install the bracket in the wall and slip the bowl into it.  These 44″ bowls weigh about 40 pounds each and if you need security hardware, Peter can make that too.

One of his richly colored canvas paintings was chosen to compliment the register kiosk – an area open to guests.

The addition of two sets of colorful leaves added interest to the side walls.

Leaf Metal sculpture Peter Skidd

This 3 1/2 foot wave really brightens up the place too.

Restaurant Art Carvalhos

The restaurant owners were great to work with and we were invited to join the family to celebrate their grand opening!

Carvalhos Brazilian Patio

If you’re at Peter’s pop-up art show during January – March, Carvalho’s is just a few miles north.  Stop by for some Brazilian – they do unique small plates, great steak and a beautiful Brazilian cocktail.  Try the yucca (you-ca) fries – they taste like french fries but use the gluten-free South American yucca root.  Peter’s sweet tooth can’t get enough of the passion fruit mousse.

Carvalhos Kitchen

Art for Restaurants

Because Peter’s work is so highly customizable, he is often commissioned to design and build art for the hospitality industry.  He’s easy to work with because there are no limitations on size or color.  He can also come up with a design unique to the setting.

Sedona Restaurant Art

Most recently, Peter’s work was installed in Sedona’s airport restaurant. We were thrilled to hear that Mesa Grill chose 3 of Peter’s steel sculptures to add a sophisticated vibe to their new Sedona airport restaurant.

We just delivered new sculpture to Sedona’s Renee Taylor Gallery so we stopped by Mesa Grill to take a peek at Peter’s sculpture. Peter’s sculpture is perfect for the space and there’s so much light to dance around on the steel!

Restaurant Art in Sedona by Peter Skidd

Restaurant Art Commissions

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse commissioned a similar sculpture for a few of their new restaurants.  Same style of sculpture but totally different color request from the client.  Peter can design and paint to suit a particular decor.  Clients will often send us fabric swatches or photos of paint colors, wood finishes and lighting designs to help Peter create complimentary art.

Colorful Restaurant Art by AZ artist Peter Skidd

Art for Hotel Restaurants

Hilton commissioned a custom designed sculpture for the dining room of their Phoenix-Chandler hotel.

We’ve stayed at this El Paso Hilton which commissioned Peter’s steel sculpture for their lobby restaurant.  The idea was to uniquely separate the hotel entrance from the lobby dining area.  Peter painted both sides of these steel waves to make the sculpture beautiful for guests entering and dining.

This hotel restaurant art commission was especially difficult because the measurement of the steel bars surrounding the waves had to be perfect or the installation wouldn’t be properly suspended between the wood pillars.

The entire installation came apart for easy, cost-effective shipping.

Contact us with your specs and Peter will make your project shine.

Architectural Art for Hotels by Arizona sculptor Peter Skidd