Office Art

We recently finished up outfitting a 70,000 square-foot office space with some awesome steel and canvas art.

70,000 square-foot Office Space

Local and newly-built, the space boasted a contemporary, neutral palette, reclaimed wood accents, and cool furnishings – it was really a dream to work with!


Two-stories and 70,000 square-feet needs a lot of art and some serious planning.


There were a lot of big walls to fill so we sketched and prepared multiple art options for each space.  Peter’s work is considered “large-scale” but get it on a 36-foot wall and it suddenly shrinks.  We brought in and specified existing art that was perfect for the smaller walls.  To manage the expansive spaces, we had to go custom. 


Since our client was local, we were able to bring over a collection of art from inventory to help plan the size and color customization for the commissioned art.  We did this piece in a set of three.

We held up this red wave and it was perfect.  Right though the glass, you can see a custom series of steel panels we designed specifically for that far wall.

Red wave

Here’s that custom set you can see through the glass.


What we loved most about this project was that we had a lot of freedom to create totally new designs that worked within the confines of specific spaces.


We had great time installing the work with the team at Renee Taylor Gallery and fellow artists, Childers-West.

An Honor

It was an honor to work with such an amazing team of professionals!   We’re delighted with the way the art perfectly enhanced a gorgeous, well-designed office space.