Outdoor Friendly Art

All of Peter’s metal sculpture is outdoor friendly.

We’ve placed his metal art in exterior entryways and used his sculpture to enhance porches and gardens – it’s also an amazing poolside art feature.

UV Protective Coating

If Peter knows a particular piece is for outdoor use, he’ll give it a double layer of his UV stabilized clear coat.  The clear coating that gives his work its signature shine is actually the same product used to protect and give shine to the outer layer of cars and airplanes.

Installing Outdoor Art

Peter installs his work into brick, stucco, and stacked stacked stone walls.  He’s kind of a nerd about the proper tools and hardware for these more difficult installations.

Bolting Sculpture into Concrete

For his free-standing metal sculptures, Peter welds on a hefty base, and if needed, can bolt the sculpture right into the concrete.  The red wavy sculpture below is actually bolted into a dedicated concrete slab hidden within the planter.

Custom Outdoor Sculpture

Peter specializes in custom art so if we don’t have the size or color you need just contact us to discuss and get a quick quote.