Lotus Flowers

Our Lotus Collection takes botanical art to the next level.  These florals are stunningly colorful and painstakingly-handcrafted bouquets of awesomeness.

Gorgeous Wayfinding

We’ve created quite a collection of custom Lotus flowers for healthcare facilities.  Our steel florals offer fabulous wayfinding for  hospitals!

Beautiful for Retail and Residential

Renee Taylor Gallery and Renee Taylor Jewelry in Sedona both represent the collection.

Killer to Create

Peter hand draws each layer out on the steel and takes a plasma cutter to his outline.  He pounds each layer into shape and imbues depth with a grinder.  Each flower has multiple layers and every petal is individually cut, worked and painted.  He paints and clear coats both sides of each layer – a long process!  To increase efficiency on this step, he designed a rotisserie type contraption.  He bolts each steel petal to the rotisserie, paints one side, turns the rotisserie and paints the other side.  Same process for spraying the protective clear coat.  When everything is dry, the layers are screwed together to form a lush flower with a custom-designed hanging system in the back.


It’s hard to let these beauties go!

Floral steel sculpture by Peter Skidd

Our biggest Lotus yet

This is the 3.5 foot Lotus hanging in Renee Taylor Jewelry in Sedona – it became the blue/purple one on the wall there.

Get One

We have more info online and you can find a fresh bouquet from our Lotus Collection at our November 2016 open house event in Scottsdale, Arizona.  You can also check them out in Sedona or just contact us to order if your not in the area.