Original Floral Art Hospital Art

Nature Sculpture for Hospitals

Think back…the last time you were at the doctor or in any healthcare environment, did you notice the art?

Heathcare facilities are making a big push to use visual distractions to help soothe patients and visitors.  Evidence Based Design is a new field of study and an area that everyone can weigh in on.  Does the artwork at heathcare facilities help to calm you?  Can art take your mind off a stressful experience?  Does having nature or an artistic representation of nature provide therapy for your spirit?

Well, we’re going all-out to do our part in making your hospital stay a little more pleasant.

While Peter creates a lot of abstract sculpture, he also specializes in nature art for healthcare facilities.  Under the design direction of an art consultant, Peter was commissioned to create three large-scale floral sculptures and a dozen accompanying painted steel butterflies for a healthcare environment.

The project included two of these nine-foot waves and one complimentary six-foot wave:

hospital floral art large scale

The back of the waves even makes cool silhouette art (and shows how simple Peter’s welded hanging system is).

Twelve complimentary butterflies accompanied the steel waves.  Sizes on these ranged from four to eight inches.  Intending the butterflies to be installed in a natural looking flurry, Peter designed them to be hung in a variety of positions – some meet the wall with their right wing, some with their left, and others are installed at the center of the sculpture.

butterfly art

Peter always includes the necessary hardware with his shipments – on this project, he actually painted the screw heads and integrated them into the design.

butterfly sculptures colorful

The project was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and we hope it helps someone feel a little lighter – a little more at peace.


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