Healthcare Art

Peter was asked to design large-scale signature artwork for a hospital lobby in Indianapolis.  It was a big project and the deadline tight so the designers called their go-to Artist.  Peter came up with an idea, revised per hospital input and delivered second-to-none, stunning steel artwork to add warmth and interest to a state-of-the art healthcare facility.



He collaborated with a team of designers and art consultants along with the hospital board and staff to design prominent hospital lobby artwork spanning several stories.  Peter’s task was to create a piece that reflected the hospital’s namesake, St. Francis.

The process to design, create and install a multi-story piece of hospital art for a site across the country is a lengthy one.  Peter chatted with the designers through Skype, emails, phone consultations and site visits.


What do we know about St. Francis?  Can we celebrate a cherished saint in a universally appealing way?  Is there a way to calm nervous hospital patients and visitors with art?  Researching the topic of St. Francis led Peter to discover that, according to Paschal Robinson, St. Francis’ “characteristic gift” was the saint’s “far-reaching, all-embracing sympathy.”   Peter represented the saint’s sympathy for all creation using suspended birds and a heavenly reaching tree.  The three waves of steel are symbols of Francis’ three vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity along with his three religious orders.

The size of the sculpture demanded that Peter first build a scaffolding structure to hold the steel at various stages of production.  Once the sculpture was built and the painstaking, backbreaking, endless hours of work were finally complete, Peter transported the sculpture to his Scottsdale art show.  His show runs from January through March so he painted the days away while chatting with show guests.

When the sculpture was complete, we hired a crating company to package and ship the monumental sculpture.  Since the entire steel tree dismantles into 6 separate pieces, the 16’x15′ sculpture and accompanying steel birds were able to be crated together.  Designers & art consultants usually have their own installation team but for this project, Peter flew to Indianapolis for the installation.

Such a cool piece breeds more cool pieces in the same genre.  Peter builds custom pieces based off the original hospital sculpture.  Here’s a recent commission he’s in the middle of painting.

Nature wave by Peter Skidd